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Relationships are unique entities; no two are alike.

As a tool for analyzing relationships, the art of synastry, as it has been practiced by astrologers for thousands of years, has no equal. Astrologically, each individual is represented by a chart of the planetary positions for the moment of birth. By comparing and contrasting the inter-relationships of two separate charts, the astrologer can reveal the many ways and levels in which two people relate to each other. Creative relationships, as well as difficult and relatively unrewarding ones, are recognised clearly and objectively. Synastry allows us to see the precise nature of relationships' strengths and difficulties, giving the persons involved insightful and useful advice about what is happening between and through them, as well as possible solutions to the problems they face with each other.

The chemistry of two people coming together acts as a catalyst for emotions and events, giving the interaction an obvious life of its own. A relationship forms a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts. For example, sometimes you will find in the charts of lovers an aspect between Venus and Mars. It has often been stated that the Mars partner will be the more active one, and the Venus partner the more passive. But suppose that Venus is provoking Mars to into action. Here the knot of cause and effect is not so easily unravelled. And the dynamics of the relationship can be equally ambiguous. You get a sense that the energy produced from the contacts between two charts 'works both ways', back and forth across the interface of the relationship, resulting in the spontaneous arising of an entirely new third entity.

Every relationship contains points of similarity and harmony as well as points of contention and discord. Through understanding, it is possible to cultivate and encourage the positive, and to keep relationships growing and fruitful through the highs and lows of passing years. But even the points of conflict can be used to advantage. Believe it or not, conflict is energizing. It adds a dynamism to a relationship which may otherwise stagnate and grind down into monotony. Research has shown that successful relationships are not so dependent on how much we have in common, as on how we manage the areas of conflict - how we find a middle ground. Living, creative relationships contain both affinities and differences, at least enough to keep them interactive and interesting!

This profile analyses a relationship from the first person's point of view and interprets the astrological connections between the two charts. The first section, 'How You Approach Relationships' considers only the first person's chart, and is relevant for all relationships this individual makes. How this person relates specifically with the second person is analyzed in the rest of the report, where each paragraph interprets a contact between the two charts from the first person's point of view. To get the full story, run two reports - one for each person's point of view. The text here pertains to this one relationship only and should be understood in light of the actual nature of the relationship.


By way of confirmation, this report is a comparison between the following two profiles:

Frida Kahlo
July 6, 1907    08:30 AM
Coyoacan, Mexico
- 06:37 GMT
099° 10' W    19° 20' N
Tropical Zodiac - Placidus Houses
Diego Rivera
December 8, 1886    07:30 PM
Guanajuato, Mexico
- 06:45 GMT
101° 15' W    21° 01' N
Tropical Zodiac - Placidus Houses
How You Handle Relationships
Aquarius on the 7th House Cusp
You are warmly generous and always gracious with others. You have an innate sense of playfulness and self-discovery that endears you to all who come to know you. You will always have a bit of the child about you, and you tend to require considerable attention from a mate. Anyone who gets to know you knows that you take yourself ever so seriously. You prefer a mate with great ambitions and plans, one who dares to dream the impossible dream! You benefit from being drawn out of yourself by someone with less self-consciousness. Above all, you really value a close friend - especially in a lover. You are attracted to visionaries with broad humanitarian goals.
Uranus Ruler of the 7th House
You love the oddball and the unfettered. You may be drawn to social visionaries and to unconventional types in general - a taste for the bohemian. You may have many unusual relationships of short duration. There is an on-again, off-again, quality to your affairs. You depend on relationships for insights into yourself and your life.
Sun Opposite Mars
Others sense in you the presence of much energy, almost a tension. You may tend to have trouble just relaxing and find yourself always on the go, doing things. This aggressiveness could lead to undue competition and striving. You may have a sense that you can't always trust your drive and feelings. There also could be a tendency to buck authority, in particular, powerful men.
Sun Conjunct Jupiter
You have an uncanny sense of justice coupled with an innate ability to interpret the law, whether manmade or natural. This may manifest thru your showing others the way thru, or beyond, the problems in their lives. A practical sense of how to manipulate the opportunities that appear in life. Just plain luck! A natural love for those with more experience or authority. A teacher, or benefactor, is likely.
Sun Opposite Uranus
You may be somewhat of a rebel, with a history of going up against authority. You like to stand alone - an outrider at the fringe of society - like the old-time outlaws. You have a knack for separating yourself from the herd. You end up as the loner, although this is not always what you want. You need a partner in this life, a go-between for you and the status quo.
Sun Conjunct Neptune
You have a sense of the extraordinary and wonderful about you. People sense that you have an insight into the larger picture, and you can communicate this idea of unity to a group. You are great at working with images, whether psychological, artistic, or cinematic. You especially love art and music with a grand theme or gesture. You are not just another dreamer and can put your imagination to work. Your partner may have to work overtime to live up to your ideal, and to keep you down to earth. You need someone who loves to explore the dreamy psychological underside of life and see beneath the surface of things.
Sun Semisquare Moon
You are torn between the impulse to stand on your own feet, and a need to be cared for and nurtured. Your independent streak may be ashamed of the need on your part for love and affection. It's a no win situation. This could also be re-enforced by a mother and father who may have worked at cross purposes. The resulting tension will have to be dealt with gradually and methodically.
Moon Sextile Mercury
You communicate very well, and it is easy for you to give others a feeling for whatever you're thinking. You tend to believe that there is almost no problem that cannot be handled with words, by talking it out. You could be a fine speaker. Your natural sensitivity for the feelings and thoughts of those around you makes you a valued community member. Needless to say, you want a partner who is at home with feelings and - above all - likes to talk.
Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars
It may have been hard to get emotional support over the years, and your temper has not always been a help to you. You have had to work a lot of problems out for yourself. While you do have a lot of motivation and energy, often there is some difficulty in getting it channeled in useful directions. Sometimes you feel that others don't like you. You require a partner that can give you lots of emotional support. There could be a basic ambivalence with your mother, or with women in general. You may not feel like working.
Moon Sextile Saturn
Others soon learn how responsible you are, and that they can depend on you for real support. Sure, you are perhaps a little too organized and run more cool than hot, but you really do care and never let your friends down. Whatever you do is built upon a solid foundation, and that includes relationships. Too serious? Aloof? Perhaps, but you are loyal, dependable, and don't enter into relationships lightly.
Moon Semisquare Neptune
You may choose to pursue a dreamy idealism at the expense of more mundane concerns. Somehow you always manage to pit your ideals against the actual reality of the situation. Is it escapism or vision? Probably some of both. You will need a partner who can bring things into focus without shattering your gentle dream world. There may have been some rather harsh realities connected to your upbringing. You may find yourself putting the feminine principle on a pedestal.
Mercury Semisquare Pluto
You may have a tendency to poke your nose into others' business. You can't resist, and yet you're often afraid of what you'll find. Skeletons in the closet and sensitive areas of people's lives both fascinate and terrify you. You have trouble just coming right out and dealing with a touchy subject. It puts you through too many changes. You would rather snoop around.
Venus Square Saturn
You find yourself hampered by authority and elders. Too many rules and regulations may inhibit or put a damper on what your heart feels like doing. You may procrastinate and put off attending to the necessities, with the result that duties tend to pile up. You might be somewhat defensive about expressing your real likes and dislikes for fear of being criticized or cut down. You don't always play by the rules.
Venus Conjunct Pluto
A passionate one. You love it when a crisis emerges and threatens to shatter the normal routine, because you yearn for a chance to undergo really profound changes. You're like the survivalists who wish the world would stop pretending and get down to the nitty-gritty. Fiercely loyal, you would rather see a relationship through hell and high water than abandon it. You delight in emotional confrontation, intense conversations, and secrets of all kinds.
Mars Conjunct Uranus
You have a real drive to discover or invent things. You are always pushing the envelope, going the limit. You know it is at the leading edge where all the real breaks occur. You are fascinated by what is happening in technology and communications. Others find you original and nonconventional, especially in your love life. You have your own very original idea of love, emotions, and marriage. You march to a different drummer when it comes to relationships.
Mars Opposite Neptune
You sometimes have trouble distinguishing between your dreams of life and the actual reality. Or you lack the discipline to make those dreams real, to work to make reality be as you always dreamed it could be. This could lead to unreasonable expectations of other people, especially your lover. A tendency to daydream finds you with a number of false starts. You are easily distracted and have difficulty carrying things through to the finish. You may worry about being deceived by others.
Your Relationship with Diego
Diego's Sun in Your 4th House
Meeting Diego has had a grounding effect on you. Knowing him has been a real experience, and you have had to let yourself feel that experience. There is a keen sense of togetherness and really living it, though not a whole lot of reflection perhaps. This is a relationship that you could build upon. It marks the start of something solid in yourself. Diego brings out the homing instinct in you, or you could benefit materially from knowing him. Home is where the heart is and living together is important to him. Diego makes his presence felt around the house and may take the lead in family affairs and decisions. He is house-proud and likes to make sure that your home is always presentable.
Diego's Moon in Your 9th House
Aside from any physical relationship, you have found a real spiritual friend in Diego. He tends to feel the same way you do about philosophical and religious issues. You find him very supportive, a real collaborator when it comes to ideas and issues of importance. Both of you are real talkers, and probably tend to burn the midnight oil once you get going. It is possible that he may introduce you to new spiritual and metaphysical concepts or strengthen any beliefs you already have. You may start questioning your understanding of the world because of Diego. Through him you realize that your outlook and your family's beliefs have their place, but other viewpoints have validity too. You discover that without religious and philosophical tolerance, personal and social relationships have little hope of survival.
Diego's Mercury in Your 4th House
You may get together with Diego to talk about home and family, and sending down roots. His ideas are down-to-earth and settling, and you find this a relief from the superficial conversation that is the norm. He seems almost like a family member, and you feel good when the two of you are together. He always manages to remind you of the virtues of a simple life, without all the fancy stuff. Home and family matters come up a lot in your conversations with Diego. Subjects of discussion range from what is going on with your family members to things that need doing around the house. You feel relaxed in his company and talking about the old days is easy. You may also learn alot about real-estate and property through him.
Diego's Venus in Your 4th House
Here is someone who can appreciate your more domestic qualities. Diego likes the way you are, personally and emotionally. He tends to bring out the parent or protector in you and tends to banish any thoughts of coolness and distance. You have thoughts of home life and domesticity when you are with him. The idea of putting down roots, settling down and just living life takes on new value through knowing him. Intimate candlelight dinners at home can be a real pleasure for you both. You enjoy family life and are at your happiest when you're involved in beautifying or improving the value of your property. Building a nest together is important to you.
Diego's Mars in Your 5th House
Diego is a living incentive for you to get out of yourself and do things. Things get very physical, and this runs all the way from good verbal exchange to physical activity in general. There is a fresh, almost childlike, quality to your relationship. You feel strength and perhaps are proud of how good you feel about yourself when you are with him. Although there is the danger of things getting a little self-centered, here is someone who you can be adventurous with in love. He knows how to push your romantic buttons and turn you on. You feel alive when you are together. Often, all you want to do is have fun and play. This is one love affair that will make an impact on you. However, be warned, there is the potential for being scarred if things go wrong.
Diego's Jupiter in Your 3rd House
Conversations with Diego are more than just stimulating. You find them instructive, producing solutions to questions that you may have wondered about for years. He seems to have a knack for guiding you in just the right direction. You admire his mind and good judgment. He may encourage you to speak, write and in some way communicate to a fuller extent. The communication between you is good and easy. You understand one another well and have little trouble explaining your ideas to each other. He has a positive influence on the way you think, and could act as a teacher to you, or conversely be your willing student. Your relatives tend to like him, which is a good sign that he fits in with your way of life.
Diego's Saturn in Your 11th House
Whatever this relationship may or may not be, it probably is not a social triumph. Diego may tend to be a damper when it comes to group or community get-togethers. Your friends may not like him, or he may be critical of the goals of a particular group. Any groups he might approve of would have very strict morals and ethics. He may simply not like to get together in groups. Your friends may not be his friends. Either he doesn't like or respect them or they don't much care for him. Socializing together may not be easy, because you don't tend to enjoy the same things. Take care that he doesn't dampen your sense of fun and humor.
Diego's Uranus in Your 2nd House
Diego has an unusual and original way of caring for or appreciating you. The way he shows affection is different, and this could make for an interesting love life or friendship. Or he might introduce you to unusual ways of making money or earning a living. His ideas on handling your resources and providing for yourself may be just the ticket. Whatever else, they won't be just more of the same. Get used to the idea of instability in your financial life with Diego around. His attitude towards money may give you reason for concern, particularly if you are a security-conscious sort of person. He is unlikely to place the same value on possessions or wealth as you do.
Diego's Neptune in Your 10th House
Diego could have a strong effect on your motivation and career direction. You may find him inspiring and able to give you a clear picture of the ideal possibilities of your work. He is capable of generating great enthusiasm on your part, and you are easily enchanted by his images and words which can have an almost numbing effect on you. If you work closely together, this can have a beneficial effect on your attitude. Diego has the ability to make you question your path in life and wonder just how real or meaningful it actually is. He can open you up to other realities and encourage you to imagine endless possibilities. This can be a good thing; however, if you are the sort of person that requires certainty and professional security, you might find life with him confusing and chaotic.
Diego's Pluto in Your 10th House
Diego exercises a very powerful influence over you, one that could change your career. Here is someone who knows more about what you ought to be doing with your life and career than you do, and he is not afraid to let you know about it. From the first time you met, he probably jumped right into your business and started making suggestions - and they were right on the money. The net result is that you may go through a major transformation as to what you do with your life through knowing him. Diego's influence could change your direction in life quite dramatically. You may feel compelled to quit your job or change your career. He is a very persuasive individual who has an uncanny ability to assess what is happening in your life. He seems to know what works for you better than you do yourself - liken him to a manager or agent. Negatively, he could try to control how you live your life.
Strengths in Your Relationship with Diego
Your Sun Conjunct His Saturn
This could be a real working relationship. Diego has an organizing effect on you, and brings discipline and good sense to any project the two of you engage in. Although somewhat cool and conservative, this has every sign of being a very durable relationship. This is a testing combination for any relationship to endure. There is the tendency for one of you to dominate and try to suppress the will of the other. For this association to have any chance at survival it will be necessary to address issues of control and domination. It is important to consider each other's needs and to avoid criticizing or putting one another down. Otherwise, there will be many periods apart and eventual separation.
Your Sun Sextile His Moon
Mutual sympathy and understanding. Your personalities complement each other, yet are quite different. You understand how he feels, and you find it is easy to cheer him up and generally facilitate him emotionally. He is very supportive, even protective of you. Other aspects being considered, there is great potential here for a harmonious relationship. This is a very desirable relationship combination. A harmonious synastry aspect between the Sun and the Moon makes for an ease of interaction and good mental and emotional understanding. There is unity and a strong feeling of attraction and harmony.
Your Moon Conjunct His Neptune
You both probably love music, theater, and art in all its manifestations. He finds you very supportive when it comes to his dreams and fantasies. You probably find it easy to get lost together in any of a number of imaginative activities. You tend to get emotionally very clear and high when the two of you are together. You share a rich inner life together and communicate with one another psychically. Intuition is a very strong component of your relationship. You seem to know what each other is thinking, feeling and doing. You may even have a telepathic connection. Spiritual and metaphysical matters interest you both. Compassion and empathy between you is important, but sharing these with others is just as important to you. At times, you need to be alert to deceptive influences or undermining emotional currents within the environment.
Your Moon Conjunct His Pluto
He looks to you for support for his need for self-analysis and emotional probing. You probably have spent many a late night helping him through a change or two. You find his intensity workable, and you don't mind that he puts you through some emotional changes of your own. Power is a major aspect of this planetary pairing, with one of you tending to dominate the other through emotional manipulation. This is a complex relationship, which is at constant risk of being blown apart through power struggles and possessiveness. Your feelings for each other range from deep and intense to extreme and obsessive. Expect to contend with frequent emotional dramas and traumas.
Your Mercury Trine His Mercury
You love to talk. And you both understand each other so well that words are hardly necessary. There is a real sense of shared ideas and a common mind. You have good mental understanding and communication between you is generally easy and smooth. You can agree on most things and meet each other half way on points of difference.
Your Mercury Sextile His Uranus
Conversations with Diego are always interesting, and he stimulates you to new and different ways of seeing things. He finds your mind fascinating and unusual. You may introduce him to new ideas and concepts. You seem to be tuned into each other's brain patterns and understand one another instantly and intuitively. You like introducing each other to new things in life and exploring alternative ideas together. When you put your minds together you can make ground-breaking discoveries.
Your Mercury Sextile His Pluto
He finds you willing and able to discuss even the most sensitive, personal, and psychological issues. You naturally understand the changes he's going through, and you have a knack for putting them into words. This could be a fine business relationship because both of you can concentrate on the essentials. Through the process of mutual self-examination you have the power to transform your thinking and understanding of yourselves. As a team, you are well-suited to investigative and research work. You could even publish something together.
Your Venus Trine His Jupiter
Aside from any magnetism, this could result in a sound business relationship. You value Diego's judgment and, more often than not, tend to let him act as your guide in matters of career and direction. He knows you appreciate his abilities, and this combination should be an enduring one. You get along very well with one another. You know what each other like and find it easy to share your affections. There is harmony between you and a mutual enjoyment of life. You are kind and generous towards one another and protective of each other.
Your Mars Conjunct His Mars
This could be a very physically satisfying relationship, one with lots of action and good emotional exchange. You work hard, play hard and have a healthy sense of competition, since you both tend to urge the other to greater heights. Yours is a very feisty and high-energy relationship. You ignite each other's fire and the sparks fly between you constantly. Anticipate regular, if not daily, arguments and quarrels. You understand one another very well and recognise your own martial tendencies in each other. There can be some danger of accidents and injuries - or even violence.
Your Mars Trine His Moon
Diego is very supportive of your ambitions and drive. He urges you on to perform at your very best. There is a lot of energy between you, and this could be a very productive relationship for you both. Your feelings and actions are in sync with each other; how you both feel about a situation determines the way you respond to it. You are honest about your feelings for one another and have little trouble expressing them. You enjoy keeping busy and initiating new projects and enterprises together. Other people know where they stand with you as a couple, as you're always direct and forthright.
Challenges in Your Relationship with Diego
Your Sun Opposite His Mars
You may tend to ignore Diego's feelings, resulting in arguments and clashes of wills. Your relationship tends to run hot and cold, but when you're hot you are very hot. There may be some hard feelings between you. This is a potent planetary combination in any relationship, be it a personal or professional one. Together, you come across as two people who are constantly competing with each other; or jointly against others in the environment. Your personal dynamic with each other is often stressed and tense, with frequent arguments and ego clashes. Individually, you tend to challenge everything the other one wants to do. There is the need to curb your tempers and aggressive attitudes. There may also be issues of control and dominance.
Your Sun Square His Uranus
You never know what to expect with Diego. His need for variety and the unusual may conflict with your own more conservative trends. He may tend to be a rebel, with you always playing the authority figure. Sometimes hectic, but seldom boring. Your first meeting was likely to have been sudden or in a situation that was unusual to you both. The energy between you is electrifying and exhilarating. You thrive on spontaneity and change. You like giving one another surprises and challenges. Life together is always interesting. Other people find your relationship exciting and stimulating because they can see that you don't play by the rules.
Your Sun Semisquare His Neptune
He may feel that you don't take his ideals seriously enough, and that you discount his more imaginative and creative side. You may feel that he is unrealistic, only fooling himself, and is always getting carried away with one thing or another. There could be deception. The main concern of this aspect, from a relationship perspective, is do you trust one another and are you honest with each other? There can be a tendency to evade important issues within your relationship or to do things behind each other's backs. There can also be problems with intoxicants and difficulties caused by deception or unreliability. Positively, there is a strong inner connection between you and you are able to pick up one on another intuitively. Deep down, you both know what the other needs and expects of each other.
Your Moon Sesquiquadrate His Mars
There are a lot of hurt feelings in this relationship. Argument and power struggles are to be expected. You tend to ignore, or not be sufficiently supportive of, Diego's feelings. He can't help but get in digs at you on a regular basis. If you like stressful relationships then you are made for one another. This combination is hard work. Expect many disagreements and arguments. You have quite different approaches to life; one is highly sensitive and relates to others emotionally and the other is impulsive and insensitive to the needs of others. The latter will tend to dominate the former and stomp all over their feelings. There is the tendency for you to strike out at each other in frustration or anger.
Your Moon Sesquiquadrate His Uranus
Diego's feelings of independence, and his unusual ways, tend to rub you the wrong way at times. One or both of you knew from your first contact that something would develop between you. But there is also definite disagreement here, and he may find you too restrictive. Intuition plays a strong part in your relationship. You hold a fascination for one another and delight in being unpredictable with each other. Your living arrangements are likely to be unconventional and you enjoy keeping others guessing about the nature of your relationship. Both of you value personal freedom and you know when to give each other time out or breathing space.
Your Moon Opposite His Mercury
From time to time there may be some hard feelings and harsh words between you. You may not feel like talking, or find that you can't support a lot of what he is saying. He may not be able to understand how you feel, and resents your attitude. This can be a testing combination in a relationship. There are communication difficulties caused by a lack of sensitivity or understanding. The problem lies in the tendency of the more rationally inclined one of you to over-analyze the more emotional one's feelings rather than trying to relate to them instinctively. In turn, the more emotional partner is disinclined to approach issues affecting the relationship calmly and rationally.
Your Mercury Sesquiquadrate His Venus
He doesn't appreciate the way your mind works. Your words are wasted on him. You may find yourself being mentally critical of his ideals and sense of values. He doesn't like the way you think. Communication between you is generally friendly and cordial; however you can hold quite opposing views on issues concerning your relationship. Providing you are both prepared to sit down together and iron out any points of contention, you will manage to get along well. Try not to be flippant or off-hand with one another, as this could create minor misunderstandings and feelings of irritation.
Your Venus Opposite His Sun
You may not like many things about Diego, and he may feel that you refuse to give him credit or to recognize his values and ideas. He has a way of going on, with or without your approval. This can be a challenging relationship dynamic. You are physically attracted to one another; however this may be where the connection between you begins and ends. It is probable that you like what you see in each other, but relationships based on external appearances alone don't tend to last long. In order to allow any contact between you to grow beyond the physical you need to find each other's inner beauty.
Your Venus Opposite His Venus
Neither of you are able or willing to give the other much credit. There is a lack of appreciation, and little sense of shared values. You may not like the same things. Your feelings for one another are passionate and intense. You are undeniably attracted to each other; however you have quite different expectations with regard to love relationships and friendships. There can be problems between you caused by one or both of you over-indulging in the good life.
Your Mars Square His Uranus
Sudden outbursts of temper and unusual emotions may color this relationship. Your inner drive and feelings may tend to go against his need for independence and freedom. You have an unpredictable and volatile dynamic between you. Arguments and quarrels erupt between you with regular frequency; the slightest little thing can set you both off. You readily provoke each other; sometimes just to get a reaction. The freedom to do your own thing is important to you both and it won't be compromised by either of you. If it ever is, you become agitated and irritated with one another. Occasional periods apart are recommended.
Your Mars Sesquiquadrate His Neptune
You may feel that Diego is a hopeless dreamer, and you may refuse to get behind what you term escapism on his part. Your own ambitions run counter to his own sense of mystery and idealism. He may disappoint or deceive you. The main challenge you both face from this aspect is how best to channel your combined energies. Positively, you can encourage each other in spiritual or creative pursuits. Negatively, there may be the tendency to undermine one another's self-confidence or to lead each other astray. Alcohol or drug abuse within the relationship could be a problem and a source of misunderstandings or confusion between you.
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