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Daily Chaos Transit Graph & Forecast

This reading is a daily guide to your most important transits and your forecast for the year ahead. Transits are the primary astrological technique used in the timing of future events. A transit occurs whenever a planet moving in its orbit forms an aspect (an angular relationship) with a natal planet, or passes through a house in your birth chart.

Major life events are always accompanied by hard aspects, Discover Chaos so these are the ones to look out for. The chart flows from left to right, and displays the year's transits as intersecting lines. This allows you to see at a glance the times of greatest activity. The report is your daily interpretation of these transits and your forecast for the year ahead.

As symbols of intent, transits indicate times that are appropriate for certain kinds of action. In this respect, transits provide important opportunities for planning the types of activities you should be engaging in at different times, as well as clues as to when, where and how you might most usefully and beneficially actualize the potentials symbolized by your chart.

The Daily Chaos Forecast Report is 100+ pages long.

Daily Chaos Transit Graph & Forecast:


Time of day matters. The best place to look for your time of birth is your birth certificate. If your time of birth is not listed there, your mother may have a general idea, e.g., 'around midnight'.

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Daily Chaos Transit Graph Terms & Conditions

:: The Daily Chaos Transit Graph and Forecast Report are personalized documents based on astrological data calculated for the date, time and place that you enter in the order form and send to me. The information contained therein pertains to the symbolism of traditional astrology, and may or may not provide specific answers to your personal questions.

'Astrology is our first attempt to understand the apparent confusion and chaos of life experiences by referring them to the ordered pattern of cyclic activity which we discover in the sky.' ~ Dane Rudhyar