Chaos Astrology

Create Unlimited Astrology Reports

Along with free instant birth chart interpretations, I also offer high quality, honestly priced Natal Reports, Compatibility Reports and Transit Forecast Reports to give you a well rounded and extraordinarily detailed analysis based on your date, time and place of birth.

One Year Membership includes:
:: Natal (Birth Chart) Reports
:: Relationship Compatibility Reports
:: Bonus: Mini Monthly Forecast Reports
:: Create as many reports as you like
:: Run reports directly from saved profiles
:: Save up to 30 profiles at any time
:: Make unlimited profile changes
:: Choice of zodiac and house systems
:: Simple easy-to-use forms
:: Only $12 for a whole year!
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'We thus arrive at the image of a world mosaic or cosmic kaleidoscope, which, in spite of constant shufflings and rearrangements, also takes care of bringing like and like together.' ~ Paul Kammerer